DEC came and went and we missed some of you. The membership training Saturday had a lot of information handed out and a Q & A on several topics that come up in processing membership. Our challenge for all Units is to check your rosters for long time members ( 20 or more) but especially ones with over 50 years. Long time members need to be recognized for their loyalty and service, so please start looking and do even the smallest gesture to thank them all.
Above is 74 year member, Gwenith Filbin from The Dalles Unit #19 who we honored with a continuous membership certificate and pins. Thank you Gwenith!
We were honored to have Mike Scalf in attendance as our first Male spouse from Oregon and Post & Unit #51 Lebanon. He was a such a joy to meet and visit with! Asked why he joined the Auxiliary his response was, “because it’s the right thing to do and he wanted to support the auxiliary and his wife”. Wow! Thank you Mike and we look forward to you being involved.