09 November 2019

From 10:00 am

held at North Eugene/Santa Clara Unit #83. Address is: 3650 River Road, Eugene, OR. You can call Margie DeMoss at 541-501-6764 for directions to the Post.  

The time will still be 10 AM and I understand that everything will stay the same as far as menu and cost.   We will have a light breakfast made by the Auxiliary and they will serve lunch of lasagna. There will be no cost per person for those attending this meeting. 

Please bring three copies of your reports of what your Junior unit has been doing since Junior Conference in May. Please let me know how many Juniors you are bringing so we can have a head count for the Auxiliary at North Eugene/Santa Clara, so they will be able to fix enough breakfast and lunch for everyone.  

Any questions please feel free to contact me. Looking forward to seeing all our bright smiling face Juniors and sharing fun and information with you.

Thank you,

Angie McKinney Junior Activities Chairman, (503)284-8777 or (971)806-8696


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