10 August 2017

DEC Telephone Conference open to all ALA officers, directors, chairmen and past presidents.

From 6 P.M. until 8 P.M.

Kirk Harvey / (503) 682-3162 pr executivedirector@alaoregon.org



July 31, 2017

To: Department Executive Committee

FROM: Helen Hisaw, Department President



Since department convention planning has been in progress to assist us in kicking off our new administrative year.  Now we need the assistance of the DEC to complete some needed business.


We expect you to review the attached documents and be prepared to discuss and act on required items during the upcoming scheduled DEC conference call.


NOTE: If you have not completed and submitted your annual “Confidentiality Agreement”, “Conflict of Interest Agreement”, and “Conflict of Interest Disclosure” forms, you need to do that now to participate in DEC meeting.  All three of these documents must be on file at ALA HQ. Requests were recently sent to members with one or more missing documents. This needs to be done annually by every DEC member: officers, district presidents, department presidents and staff. If you are unsure whether all documents are on file, contact Kirk Harvey at 503.682.3162. Those who have not all three documents on file at ALA HQ will be asked to leave the call.

Scheduled DEC Conference call


August 10, 2017 – 6:00 – 7:00 pm


This DEC meeting is open to all officers, district presidents, district vice presidents, past department presidents, chairmen and committee members.



1)      Call to Order-President, Helen Hisaw

2)      Roll Call-Secretary, Deby Levy

3)      President, Helen Hisaw-Ratification of appointment of officers and chairmen as distributed in attached list.  Unfilled positions will be submitted at later date.

4)      President, Helen Hisaw-Adopt re-structure of Strategic Planning Committee as described in attached.

5)      Finance Committee Chair, FY2018 Budget clarification and adoption.

6)      Executive Director, Kirk Harvey-Department Headquarters Update.

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