Kathy Daudistel; Department of Kentucky: Latonia Unit 203

Eligibility: Through father, William Kaelin Jr., U.S. Army Korean War Era veteran. Professional/personal background: Kathy has two daughters, four grandchildren, and two sons-in-law. She recently retired from a Fortune 500 company after more than 33 years where she worked in the information technology department. She earned her bachelor of science degree in information technology from Northern Kentucky University

Focus: Caregivers, Especially Military Caregivers:   Many people don’t identify as a caregiver because they are family members taking care of family. According to a recent Rand Corp. military caregiver research study, there are approximately 5.5 million military and veteran caregivers in the United States. Of the 5.5 million, approximately 1.1 million are caring for veterans and servicemembers who served after 9/11.