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Constitution and Bylaws

The success of any nonprofit organization depends on a sound governance structure that relies on efficient governance documents to frame the organization’s fundamental policies for driving its mission. Governing documents must be carefully developed, properly written, and periodically reviewed and updated in order for an organization to accomplish its goals and objectives.

Everything done well, including volunteering and serving the Auxiliary’s mission in communities across the reach of the United States requires written, reasonable parameters for conducting the mission.

Ensuring Sound Governance

Updated documents allow questions about the Auxiliary, its governance, its programs, and eligibility to be answered easily. And that is a benefit to all members. Our constitution, bylaws, and standing rules ensure we are operating according to our agreed-upon rules. We believe that is the best environment in which to accomplish our goals and objectives.

The following is provided as a guideline to help facilitate reviews of your current Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules. Please remember that department, district, and unit Constitutions, Bylaws and Standing Rules cannot be in conflict with national governing documents.

Guidelines for Units

  1. Constitution & Bylaws:
    1. Are the foundation of the organization
    2. Contain the most essential provisions relating to the organization, its name, purpose, membership, officers, meetings, governing board, committees, parliamentarian authority and amendments to prescribe structure changes
    3. Are the law of the organization
    4. Should be reviewed, but not changed, every year
    5. Have direct bearing on the rights of members
    6. Should have a standard form and content
    7. Define the primary characteristics of the organization
    8. Prescribe how the organization is structured and functions
    9. Include all rules that are so important that they cannot be changed without prior notice
  2. Standing Rules
    1. Relate to the details of administration for the organization
    2. May be adopted by a majority vote
    3. May be amended or rescinded at any regularly scheduled meeting: with prior notification, by a majority vote, unless the bylaws stipulate otherwise, without prior notification by a two-thirds vote
  3. Parliamentary Authority – The most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern this organization in all cases that are not in conflict with state statute, the constitution, the bylaws, or any special rules of order adopted by the organization.
  4. Definitions
    1. Resolution: An elaborate, formally written motion. A resolution may contain a preamble that lists the reasons for adoption. Each reason is listed in a separate paragraph starting with the word “whereas.” A resolution must have at least one “resolved” clause that specifies the action or position being proposed.
    2. Amendment: Proposes a change to the Constitution, Bylaws, Special Rules of Order, or Standing Rules. It is also used to modify a motion under consideration.




The purpose of an American Legion Auxiliary Audit Committee is to meet the nonprofit governance expectations of the revolutionary IRS Form 990. The audit committee serves in a risk assessment and risk aversion oversight role for the Auxiliary department and the department’s subsidiary (ies), if any. The Audit Committee is required to operate at arm’s length from the Auxiliary leadership.

It is important to understand what the audit committee is, and as importantly, what it is not. The name “Audit Committee” is a misnomer because it the committee serves as a risk assessment/990 compilation committee, not an auditing (emphasis on the “ing”) committee that audits the books.

The audit committee solicits and engages the independent auditor for the department. The Department Audit Committee chairwoman signs the “Letter of Engagement” – the agreement with the audit firm retained to conduct the external audit or external review. A “Letter of Engagement” between the ALA department and the external audit firm is renewed annually. The audit committee reviews the Audit Firm Letter of Engagement, votes on the acceptance of the Letter of Engagement, reviews the audit, and reviews the IRS Form 990 annual filing. If the governing board has designated the audit committee to approve and oversee the filing of the IRS Form 990 annual report, then the audit committee fulfills that responsibility.

In keeping with the expectations and requirements of the IRS Form 990, the audit/risk aversion committee operates at arm’s length from the ALA. It reviews, evaluates and monitors the organization’s policies, standards, compliance, and potential for risk. It ensures that the ALA, as a corporate entity, has appropriate governance policies and internal and financial reporting controls in place that mitigate the organization’s exposure to financial reporting risks and other corporate-level risks.


Get to Know Us

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 Executive Director – Kirk Harvey

Announcement – May 2017





President – Helen Hisaw

Vice President – Krisann Owens

Secretary – Deby Levy

Treasurer – Jody Marsh

Chaplain – Frankie Trask

Historian – Virginia Williams

Parliamentarian – Ardis Snyder

National Executive Committeewoman – Pam Seelye

Junior Past President – Angie McKinney

Sergeant-at-Arms – Georgia White

Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms – Carol Weber







Mission Outreach

Margie DeMoss

Children and Youth
Helen Hisaw

Community Service
Lara Chan

Education & Scholarship
Carole Kaufman

Girls State Committee
Erin Walters, Chair
Brenda Sherlock
Margaret Kincaid

Junior Activities
Cheryl Park

Erin Walters

National Security
Susan Hughes

Karen Banks

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation
Brooks Ann Lange

Mission Support

Auxiliary Emergency Fund
Cindy Lee

Cavalcade of Memories
Ginny Williams

Constitution and Bylaws
Linda Boone

Brooks Ann Lange

Maggie LaMont

Past Presidents Parley
Angie McKinney

Public Relations
Yvonne Drury 


Finance Committee
Jody Marsh, Chair
Linda Schmidt
Helen Hisaw

Jody Marsh

Distinguished Guests
Ginny Williams

Cheryl Park

Trophies & Awards
Louise Carter





President – Meya Sandsness

Vice President – Angelina McKinney

Secretary – Tyee Britt

Chaplain – Gianna Niiranen

Historian – Alina Mello

Sergeant-at-Arms – Haliegh Coffey

Assistant Sergeant-at-Arms – Mikayla Peterson

Districts / Units


District 1

President- Brenda Sherlock

Aloha #104
Argonne #56
Banks #90
Cannon Beach #168
Clatsop #12
Hillsboro #6
Louis Larsen #68
Seaside #99
Tigard #158
Washington # 2


District 2

President, Vacant

Aurora #110
Canby #122
Capital #9 Salem
Carl B.Fenton #20
Carlton Memorial #173
McMinnville #21
Mill City-Gates #159
Mt Angel #89
Salem #136
Sheridan #75


District 3

President, Suzanne Driver

Albany #10
Calvin Funk #32
Cascade #64
Corvallis #11
Eugene #3
Francis M Yost #59
Newport #116
N.Eug./Santa Clara #83
Santiam #51
Timber City #133
T Moothart #184

District 4

President, Donna Hartwell

Glenn Morrison#70
Grants Pass #28
Klamath #8
Medford #15
Rogue River #69


District 5

President, Helen Hisaw

Chris Schultz #71
Crook County #29
Eugene Greene #48
Frank Burns #25
Hood River #22
Jefferson Co Vet #125
LaPine #45
Mosier #55
Ray Johnson #44
Stevens-Chute #4
The Dalles #19
Wamic #135


District 6

President, Kathi Karnowski

Athena #130
Baker #41
Geo St. Dennis #140
Heppner #87
Hermiston #37
Ione #95
LaGrande #43
Milton-Freewater #24

District 7

President, Vacant

Carl Douglas #74
F & J Ravin #134
West Hills #66


District 8

President, Erin Walters

Milwaukie #180
Oregon Trail #150
Portland #1


District 9

President, Vacant

Baird Heaton #152
Bay Area #34
Brookings Harbor #195
Fallin #123
Reedsport #62


District 10

President, Sharon Jones

Ellis Tracy #77
Harney County #63
Ontario #67
Prairie #106
Vale #96




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     District #2

     District #3

     District #4

     District #5

    District #6

     District #7

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     District #10

District President’s





Charles E. Schmidt was elected national commander of the 2.2 million-member American Legion on Sept. 1, 2016, in Cincinnati during the 98th national convention of America’s largest veterans organization.

Schmidt enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1965 and served on active duty until his retirement in 1993. During that time he advanced from an administrative clerk to a distinguished graduate of the Air Force Officer Training School, earning a commission and assignments to Executive Support Officer positions at major headquarters. His Air Force assignments took him to Oregon, California, Montana, Nebraska, Colorado, England, Germany, Philippines and Vietnam.  >>> READ MORE