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If you are looking at this website and interested in attending Girls State, please note that you must be

represented by an Auxiliary Unit.  If there isn't one in your area, please contact Department

Headquarters (alaor@alaoregon.org) for further information and help.


 Please take the time to read this article.  It was intended for the Legionnaire this issue, but had to be left out due to lack of space.....

The 2015-2016 Girls State National Conference was held in Indianapolis on September 25-27.  The conference emphasized the importance of promoting the ALA “brand” by making sure the words “American Legion Auxiliary” is the most prominent message in the literature, correspondence, and clothing that we use in promoting the program in order to remind the public of our sponsorship.


The Girls State Commission is working toward producing an orientation video for use by all units this spring, and in the future hopes to move into the 21st century by increasing our online presence including online applications and opportunities to donate to the program. Happily, the American Legion Samsung Scholarship is now an online application, which should make applying for the scholarship simpler for the student and much less of a headache at Girls State registration.  Additionally, the 2016 Girls State session will find the county counselors using their smartphone to access the schedule and weekly calendar and be notified in “real time” of changes in room assignments, field trip meeting locations, and (if necessary) any emergencies that may arise.


A list of units and the schools that they have historically promoted the program to was handed out at the Mid-Winter DEC; please contact your district president if you have not already updated your information regarding the schools that your unit is in contact with.  We want to make sure that ‘no school is left behind!’ 


Unfortunately, this year is one of those years where the Girls State session is earlier in the month of June than usual (June 12-18). If your school is not on summer break before the session starts, please encourage school officials to allow the student(s) to attend Girls State.  The Commission is happy to help you work with the school and/or provide a letter explaining the importance and value of the program and the benefit that the student will receive by attending (including scholarship opportunities and college credits).   


The deadline to submit delegate information and fees to Department is April 15, 2016; please contact a commission member if we can help in any way.  If any Auxiliary members would like to volunteer as a “County Mom” at this years’ session, please contact me for further information. I promise you it will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have this summer! (Don’t tell anyone, but we also have a lot of fun…).  Thank you all for your dedication to this wonderful program.

Erin Walters, Girls State Director                                                


Samsung Scholarship
            NEW - 2016 application available.  Click on link above.
            This is an electronic version that must be submitted online.  No exceptions!  Once submitted online, please print and bring a copy to Girls State registration.
             FAQ regarding the Samsung Scholarship (click on).

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76th Annual Session of

Oregon Girls State

June 12 through June 18, 2016

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