Do NOT use Internet Explorer as your browser. Any other browser is fine, but Internet Explorer is becoming outdated and may not process your application correctly.

Step 1:  With your parent/guardian, complete the online Part 1 Application. The student is required to sign the student portion. The parent or guardian completes their section of Part 1 and signs and click SUBMIT.  Do not SUBMIT the application until both portions are completed.

Step 2:  Print out a Part 2 School Certification form. Take it to your school official to be completed, signed, and to attach a copy of the student’s transcript.  Mail the School Certification from, transcript and check to the address provided on the form.


We appreciate applicants using the online application above, but here is a paper application option.

  1. Print and complete the student and parent sections of the paper application (blue button below)
  2. Have your school official sign their portion of the same application (at the bottom of the form)
  3. Mail the application, along with your $100 registration fee to: American Legion Auxiliary, PO Box 1730, Wilsonville, OR 97070.